How to fix off center mesh and make the end a tip

I am trying to model my first true object, and I intend to make it symmetrical and I tried my best to do so. I didn’t manage to make it perfectly centered, as a section of my object is leaning towards the right while another segment is oriented towards the left. I previewed the mirror modifier but since it’s so off center, it makes for an uneven width. How can I correct this, and is there a way to do so while not making overlapping parts of the mesh?

I have a second question. If I wanted to make a blunt tip for my mesh, how would I go about it? Is there a decent way to make the edges/vertices/faces meet while keeping symmetry?

Don’t rely on people having to read your mind, hack into your computer of find you address and break into your house in the middle of the night to have a look at your computer to have some idea of what you are talking about.

For support questions please ALWAYS supply clear and concise annotated screenshots and a demo .blend file to review so you don’t waste our time as we have to squeeze out the important information from you

post a print to help us understand better the situation, if the symetrical problem is while you are using mirror modifier this can help you

My bad, I’ll try to clarify. I was trying to work fast and didn’t stop to think about providing screenshots and a blend.

As you can see, how it was made is not symmetrical. This is my first time really modeling, and I would appreciate a way to solve it without altering the width (making it uneven at some parts, instead of a smooth taper).

There’s another view. The second segment or so twists this way while near the end it goes that way. Here’s the current blend (don’t mind the fact that it takes up a lot of space in the grid):

Off center.blend (482 KB)

EDIT: I had an idea to rebuild it from the ground up, this time with the mirror modifier and it is fine now. I just had to watch what I was doing.

Could use couple of curves to make the form and have the ability to change the resolution, then convert to mesh if needed.
Off center_ja12.blend (422 KB)