How to fix "squirming" textures?

Is there a way to stop textures that have noise (either “Noise” or “Clouds” set to a small grain size) from squirming?

what I mean is during animation, such textures appear to move as either the object moves or as the cam moves past the object; such textures are not meant to be animated…

is it caused by selecting a noise size that’s too small?



That’s a very annoying problem, and the only solution I ever found was to bake the textures to UVs.

Someone else once told me you can fix it by turning on the FULL OSA option for the material, but I never tried it.

Here is a tut dealing with that issue.

Of course baking works fine too.

so, the baking process goes well for something like this?

if so, I may have to learn how to do that…it is popular in Lightwave, but I remember no small amount of issues with baking…

I’m finding that, after following the advice in that excellent tutorial video posted, there’s something more than the settings he advises…they do work, but sometimes they don’t and it seem to matter which face of an object it is.

in my test object, some of the faces stop squirming, others are squirming outrageusly.

if I use a texture image, the squirming disappears entirely…this might be the way for us to go???

I’m finding that Gimp is capable of making all manner of noise-based textures; more options offered than in Photoshop, and the results are truly interesting and unique from each other.