How to fix streching?

Hello. You can see my model in attachment. And you see that one, I don’t know what axis it is, side is streched. How can I fix it? Nor and color disappears when I make the mesh sticky.

I´ll appreciate fast help!


Is there anyone who knows how to fix streching?

All depends on what type of mapping your using ect, are you uv mapping or using orco ect, are you using procedural textures or a image texture, maping flat, cube ? lots of variables

That is just an image and orco. any suggestion?

First two options are change map input from orco to object but with no object name typed in or if its not going to move change it to win( you could always make it sticky if you like the result).
If the results of either of those are not good enough then you’ll have to uv map it.

i would like to UVmap it but I don’t know how. Any quicky tutorial?

Yea there is in the blender manual & elsewhere.
That’ll do you im sure you could search and find more if needed.

Here’s a simple answer:

You dont have to UV map this texture, it’s simple just change the “Map Input” to “Cube”. That’s it!

Here’s a pic:

Please note: This will only work for the example you’ve shown. It might look funny on more complex meshes which you will have to learn how to UV map for your textures to be displayed correctly. For most simple meshes “Cube” mapping works best = )

I dont see why many people in the Blender community wont just answer simple questions like this. I think it’s a hassle for the newcomers to have to dig through all that documentation for just one simple question. This is going to drive people away from the Blender community. Quit being a-holes!

I’m totally on your side, Ven… how you spell it? :slight_smile: Thanks, I will try that!

You can just call me venom if you’d like. = )

Sometimes its hard to give advice on how to cure something from just the rendered outcome,maybe some people dont want chance giving the wrong advice if there not sure.
eaglebreath specificly asked for some info on how to uvmap so i gave him some links to dig through , im not gonna write a tutorial in here when its been documented already,i dont think theres any need to start calling people a-holes.

You’re right, too, Hazza. And I forgot to thank you of those links. And no, you don’t have to write tutorial down yourself =) And I am too very hopeless if you talk about helping each others. But thanks, everyone!

“Venom”, That helped! But there are no nor in Y-axis(if it is Y). What can I do for it?

And there are so much to say but my english is so bad that I can’t write my thoughts to down… If you understand

I didnt intend to have a serious tone, more of a satirical one. Dont take it personally, Hazza, ive seen your posts and you’re actually pretty helpful around here.

As for your question eaglebreath im not sure i understand. This is what i think you’re trying to say:

by “nor” i assume you mean normal mapping and i think you’re trying to tell me that there is no normal mapping on the y axis? If this is your question i find it quite strange and i’m not sure i know an answer for this issue. Maybe its a bug in the blender build you’re using?

If not, please restate your question so that i can answer it better.

I mean this with nor. and it doesn’t show in one axis of my model. Hope you understand now