How to fix surface model from stripes in render and for 3D print

Hi there,

I am fairly new to blender, but am working on this model that I would like to 3D print and animate. I got it almost where I would like it to be, but the renderfile and model seem to show stripes on the surface. What is causing this? Is this problematic for 3D printing? How to get rid of it, especially if I will animate it.

Hope you can help me!

The stripes most likely come from an invalid UV map. You should at least “cut” the model in half by marking some edges as seams (Edge > Mark Seam), then go to UV > Unwrap.

For 3D printing you may also want to subdivide the model as much as possible, to increase the resolution. Try Modifier Properties > Add Modifier > Subdivision Surface.

can you upload the file to test it

srtipe looks more like world reflections!

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Yes! I didn’t use an UV map. It is just the reflection, but was wondering if it will show up if I 3D print it (can I subdivide if I print it very small 2cm in wax?
For the render I will try to subdivide!

Here is the file!
SL bevel 3D print.blend (930.9 KB)

normals seems ok

i find this object very small only 2 or 3 cm

rendered in EEVEE

looks to me more like reflections in EEVEE

now depends also on how the top faces are supposed to be!
flat or more rounded ?

up to you to decide before printing it

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If you want to know what it will look like 3D printed, export it to an STL file and reimport. Those angles you see are what you get when you model with an NGon and the renderer fights as to which way the normals are calculated. It will not affect your 3D print.
This is the result of export and reimport:

yes, it is small, it will be small printed in wax! In evee, it still shows the stripes, will try subdividing it and will see!

Good to know! Does it matter how many vertices will be there for the size of the object (will be wax printed most likely , with a width of about 2cm.)

can you explain what you mean by stripes ?

is it edges ?

cause i don’t really see any stripes on the object!
i see some light reflections - some edges

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It does not matter how many vertices as the printer extrapolates between them. But finer modeling will deliver a finer model limited of course by the resolution of your printer.

She is talking about the renderer trying to determine the normals direction as in this photo:

shading effects
top is a big Ngon

in any case for printing you need to export as STL which will convert all faces to tris.

but to remove these shading effect you need to remove the Ngons
redo your top surface with some quads middle top could be tri’s as long as it is flat.

i modified the top surface with mostly quads and only a few tris

uploaded file in 2.79 and scaled it up X 100
in cycles it looks a lot better then in EEVEE
don’t forget EEVEE is all fakes

simple-file1.blend (2.7 MB)

here is low res render in cycles

does it looks ok to you
in any case this will be converted to all tris with STL
it will change the shading anyway

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It seems that once I inserted the bottom row, the stripes dissapeared on the back and once I added and replaced some rows on the front, the reflection is a lot better!

when this was it before SHADING VIEW