How to fix the position of particles for each frame?


(Michael George) #1

I’m using a keyed particle systems and turbulence to transform one word into another.

I’ll render this video in many sessions but I can’t do it because the animation of the particles changes when I close and re-open the file.

Ex: I’m on frame 100. When I render it, it gives a specific view or image. When I close and reopen the .blend file and render the same frame again, It gives a different look or a different image. This way I’ll not be able to render it in many sessions because the animation is not continuous.

I tried to bake the animation but I can’t find the cache tab because I use keyed particle systems.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(skuax) #2

You must activate the cache on your particle System.

(Michael George) #3

Thanks for the reply. I read the whole page but I still don’t know what to do. I cannot find “cache” tab because I’m using keyed particle system. Does activating the cache make the cache tab appear again?

(skuax) #4

I m not in front of my compiter…answering here on my train time. But yes , from my bad memory, If cache options are ghosted, activate it and bake.

(Serge L) #5

You can bake only particle system with physics, if all systems are keyed, then I don’t get why you are using turbulence field, as it doesn’t affect this type of particles. Make sure target system use physics

(Michael George) #6

Thanks for your the reply. I wish you nice traveling. Actually, the cache option is not ghosted or grayed-out. The tap itself disappears when I use keyed particle systems.

(Michael George) #7

Thanks for the answer. Maybe my question wasn’t clear but I’m talking about the video in this thread and turbulence field gives a beautiful effect. I don’t wanna lose it. I just need it to be calculated for one time only and then save the calculations to have the particles in the same position whenever I open the file.

(Serge L) #8

I meant that you can’t find cache, because you aren’t looking for it in proper particle system. You need to cache objects, which use newtone type of particle systems.

(Michael George) #9

so is there any other idea to have fixed position of the particles for a given frame?