How to fix this? Particles arent sticking to surface..

Hi Guys,

I have a glass that Im putting waterdrops on with a particle system… Im getting results…but its not quite what I want yet.
There seems to be a distance/space between the glass and the drops… and Im not sure how to fix this:

Furthermore I have some other questions:

  1. how do I stop the drops from overlapping eachother?
  2. is there any way…to manually manipulate the density of the drops in certain areas. I want the amount of drops to be higher at the top of the glass…and get less as you go down on the glass…


a) The gap is due to the location of the origin point on the particle objects. particles using object or group will use the objects origin to place them, if the origin is outside the mesh the particle will have a gap, if the origin is in the center it will be placed half on the surface, in your case, you probably want the origin on the surface (edge) of the droplet mesh.

  1. I don’t know of a way to prevent overlapping

  2. weight paint the glass object (wityh a vertex group), red and the top and blue at the bottom, and in the particle system (towards the bottom) under density, choose the vertex group name you painted.

Ah yes I see, i keep forgetting that origin thing… Thank you!
The weight painting is working aswell, thanks…

One more question though… I have a random size for my drops (0.8)… is there any way to control the way this randomization is distributed? I only want a couple of drops to be size 1… but I want the rest to remain small (between 0.2 and 0.4) or something? It seems like its distributing the random sizes evenly…

Or should I just make a seperate particle system and create the couple of big drops like that?


Creating a few particle systems is quite common to have some variation that cannot be done through randomness. When u are finally all finished you can apply the particle systems and then go and delete overlappers. Once you apply a system you can no no longer adjust the parameters, it becomes a regular mesh.

Ah yes that makes sense. So ill just create a few systems to have more control and tidy it up afterwards

thanks guys!