How to fix this procedural voronoi texture moving on cloth simulation?

I created a simple Voronoi texture using Voronoi noise texture node but when I am use this material with animated cloth its started to moving, I don’t know What did I do wrong here?.. I try to change many settings but can’t find the solution. please help.

Thanks in advance.

Node setup

UV Unwrap your mesh, and use the ‘UVMap’ node as coordinates (replacing ‘TextureCoordinate::Object’).

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Thanks for replying. UV as coordinates works thanks but actually i am trying to create a small creature (which i can’t able share it here now) so for quick and dirt work i don’t want to unwrap the creature mesh. the noise texture i am using as the creature’s skin diffuse and normal map so any other possibility without using uvmap coordinates method? i animated the creature using cloth simulation.

Try then ‘Generated’ coordinates… you might need to scale them depending on the bounding box of your object, but they’re supposed to stay fixed after transformations.

Thanks man… It worked.