How to fix this while im trying to parent Rig and Object?

Hi guys, i have a problem when im trying to parent my Rig with my Object.
Ive tried anything i could but i couldnt fix it.
If anyone could fix it i would really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Is there some rotation on your mesh or armature before you parent them ?
You have to apply rotation before parent.

Maybe you have the Armature modifier many times in your mesh modifiers list ? I can not imagine something else without the blend file.

In addition to what @julien_ has said, which is good advice - check there is no unapplied scale on either mesh or rig as well.

Select both armature, in object mode, and mesh and key CTRL+A the select “Rotation and Scale”.

Cheers, Clock.

Tyvm guys, it works now. TY :slight_smile: