How to fix this?

:no:Now I am working on the tutorial “Robot sumulation in blender”, the link is
when I run the code at the last of the page, there comes the following problem:
AttributeError: ‘Bone’ object has no attribute ‘setQuat’
and AttributeError: ‘Bone’ object has no attrubute’SetPost’
My blender version is 2.43, and the version related to the tutorial is 2.31, is that why the problem comes out?
I am new to blender, can anyone help me to fix this problem in 2.43? I dont want to change to use 2.31, since I did everything with 2.43, there may be more problems if I do this.


Looking at the lines in the script in the link and comparing them with lines in it looks as though


is now something like

bone.quat[:] = 1.000,0.000,0.000,0.0000




bone.insertKey(arm_ob, frame, Object.Pose.ROT)

No guarantees but the script in the link above may help you.

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:
I will have a try.

Hi. How can I access this tutorial?