How to fix thiss )':

rendered image always showed this , there are no gray lines in the framework that i made , it appears when i rendered

uisnh blender 2.9

We can’t tell from just the screenshot, but in general, modifiers have separate settings for viewport and render, and one of them might be causing… whatever that is… because its render settings, or render visibility. Additionally, objects that are hidden in the viewport, aren’t necessarily hidden in the render. Go down your Outliner list and look for such objects.

Please note, since 2.8, Blender has two separate ways to hide objects - they can be Hidden or Disabled. It’s not relevant to this discussion what difference there is between the two, but just remember to activate the Disabled filter as well to see if you have disabled objects that are still renderable.

Hint: Instead of making a photo with your handy you can use “Image” Menü and save a picture.
Blender editor have a save screenshot option too.

Much easier.

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