How to fix ugly bevel edges?

So I am making a tabel and created a hole in his base with the bool tool. The shading was very strange so I decided to use bevel and subsurface modifier but the edges of the hole are still ugly.

table1.blend (762 KB)

It’s not well corrected as it should.

I apreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.

some things are easier to show, than to explain.

it will be available in a few minutes, if its not HD then refresh in a minute,

Thanks for the reply! Very good tips there.

I really didn’t notice the ngons there and that they’re causing the trouble hehe.

And to be honest it’s, well the “first time” that I’ve used bevel modifier e.e I’ve already used the shortcut, but not so often.

The same apllies to be using both bevel and subsurface modifier.

But well, after seen your video, I think I could remake it just with the subsurface.

Here the blend file:

table2.blend (546 KB)

There’s also another try I did before your reply, it’s on another layer I guess. And the first one too.

Please take a look and thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Yea thats good. just take note of these triangles

most people will say its a no-no. but really, its fine in this case. but just know that it would never be fine with any deformation going on. here they are completely flat, meaning its fine. just be aware of it.

Yeah I know triangles and ngons are bad for animation, and any kind of deformation. It can be a lot of pain to deal.

So I’ve dissolved the faces of these triangles and now I think it’s just a quad (if its better to keep as a quad then ok).

here’s a blend file updated:

table3.blend (546 KB)

And one question: In my case I am modelling it for game dev on the bge/upbge and I’ve saw somewhere that games goes better with triangle. hmm well this is true? Or this would be applied more to flat objects that wouldn’t need any animation, deformation.

I am saying this because I am trying to keep all the models as low poly as I can

Again thanks for the help :slight_smile:

game do only triangles, it converts quads into tris.

however, for games, you should basically never use subsurface, you really gotta watch your polycount. id do this. with no sub surface.

yes but in this case the base seems very “cubic” and I wanted the edge more soft.

I know there’s a way to bake from high res to low resolution, I tried here, but not so lucky, at least.

A little update: I tried here and make it more softly but the edges still weird:

table4.blend (660 KB)

I tried to bake from the high poly mesh but i think I don’t know well. Also I used this edge split modifier and I think there’s a tool to make hard edges, but I don’t know if they’ll do the work.

And also this one, that I applied more edge loops:

table5.blend (644 KB)

And you said to basically never use the subsurface, hmm even for example if its only level 1 on the previous blend file I send?

just do whatever, mind you that polycount matters in games.

All right, thanks :slight_smile:

78 triangles, normal map, alpha map