How to fix unconnected edges, tiny triangles etc.

I’ve got some meshes where there are a lot of unnecessary edges. Though they look OK, it very important for me to keep the number of edges at a minimum.

I think that screens will best describe the situation(s):

-I get alot of such things:

-Another annoying edge-producing situation:

-Infitesimal triangles. This one is not as painfull, but it’d be nice to get rid of those.

Is there any automatic tool/script to solve these problems? A have a lot of meshes with the above bugs and reshaping them is nor an option :confused:

The firts situaltion is the biggest pain in the *** I’ve tried redrawing the faces, triangulation, removing edges and tohing seem to work in this case.

I’d really appreciate your help. Thanks

There is selecting all edges and X / Limited Dissolve.

The real answer though is to stop your poor messy modelling. Plan your modelling, think what you are doing and clean up as you model

Attach your blend file so others can look at it

How are you making these models? It looks like you’re doing a lot by applying Boolean modifiers. That’s not a really good way to model, because it generates a lot of bad geometry. You should try to model by extrusion rather than just butting cubes up against each other and hoping that a boolean operation will give you something useful.

Many thanks @Richard_Marklew :slight_smile: it worked and solved most of the problems.

These are not my models though. I got those and my task is to fix them.

These are not my models though. I got those and my task is to fix them
Tell whoever modelled them to pull their finger out do their job properly.

Retopologise with proper quads then X-delete that mess.