How to fix weird overlap

I don’t know what I do to cause this but everything keeps overlapping and I can’t just delete the overlapping vertices because they are exactly in the same position and deleting them also deletes the entire mesh for some reason, and it doesn’t allow me to dissolve them either.
2021-10-14 10_50_11-Window
2021-10-14 10_54_33-Window

not much info to go off here, what are you trying to do? where did the mesh come from? did you build it?
(this should probably also be in the modelling section)

I guess you press extrude key and cancel it sometime. But when you do that… it let behind you an in-place extrusion, overlapping the source.
when you cancel an extrusion…you have to add an undo just after…
i call that extrude in place.

Yeah, I made it. I’m trying to make a thing for an animation for twitch. I kept trying to separate the different parts of it so it’d be easier. I may have accidentally duplicated some things though which could be the cause but idk. And I somehow created these dumb lines that won’t go away unless I delete the edges but that deletes the entire thing.
2021-10-14 11_12_14-Window

No, I wasn’t extruding. I was just connecting all the vertices and making a new face from that and then I’d separate it to make it it’s own object. I think I’d forget to delete the old parts though and it’d cause an overlap

I mean if you know of an easier way to color things in that keeps the metallic nature of it, I could just do that

Personally for a flat disign in the center, i ll use curves… with the help of the addon curve tool, included in blender…
i can do a video for you here if you need?

yeah, sure

the addons used in this video are included in blender

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Bro, that’s sick. Thanks!

of course, i didn’t make all the objects you need, but, sure you understand the concept behind…
It ll be easier and faster for you now to create your coin’s design.

There is so much to learn on the way. Sincerely, the best trick you can learn on this video is, using the active element as a reference point in transformations.

Did you add those lines with the knife? Try dissolve edges or vertices instead of deleting them, also you can merge the overlapping vertices with M or auto-merge. Just in case you want to recover the work you’ve done :sunny:

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