How to fix weird problem with model's pivot centre?

I have just completed modelling an eye, ready to be rigged, but I have a weird problem.

I have parented inner eye inside cornea, but now when I select any one of them the pivot centre is way side of the actual object. Check screenshot

How exactly do I fix this problem?

I checked there are no key frames of any sort in timeline and no option in properties panel is fixing this.

edit i check both the cornea and inner eye pivots are different from each other.

Location of inner eye is this xyz: 3.1555, -1.13795,0.70781

while of the cornea is this xyz: 1.72576, 0, 0

Position where you want the origin to be with the 3d cursor then use the Set Origin / Orgin to 3d Cursor option in the toolshelf under Tools tab or one of the other set origin options

Supply link to demo blend file for further review

Thanks Richard but not working.

Here is theblend file

uploaded on drop box.

For me it worked with the solution ctr alt shift C set origin to center of mass with your blender file.

It works fine.


New.blend (157 KB)

Thanks I set the origin to geometry and it worked. I was previously setting origin to 3D cursor and I was trying to setup the cursor at the origin of the 3D space instead of the model.

Still new to blender, so will take some time to catch up with the basics.