How to fix Youtube with your host Vdeo Boy.

Make a subscription fee.

There is YouTube Red. I don’t think it is doing so well, though. What does YouTube need to fix anyway?

Haven’t you heard?Youtube is censoring people.

They haven’t censored any of my videos, so I guess not. People go into full blown hysteria every other month about YouTube. It always seems to wind up being blown out of proportion. I quit paying attention.

In what way ? They have terms of service which you agree to if you want to use youtube.

If you are talking about removing advertising then that is not censoring. You are still perfectly free to make and post that same video.

Make a subscription fee??
With who? Youtube? You?
Are you intending to show us how to fix Youtube?

And censoring does not mean something is broken.

If you mean the whole de-monetization of certain video channels, please realize that making money from YouTube is a privilege provided by the company, not a right.

If you live in the US, then me where the constitution guarantees an inalienable right to make a career out of posting videos (hint; you won’t find anything)