How to Flatten Ring Loop Faces in UV Sphere?

Hi, I’m trying to make a Chimney furnace where it has its own borders on the bottom.

So I deleted the bottom half of a semi UV Sphere and selected the mid-face loop to extrude and make a ring-like border to it.

But, as you can see in the top image, the faces aren’t very straight, I mean the top edge of the single face and the bottom edge of the same face are not directly falling in the z-axis,

instead, these faces look like it’s been rotated, so how to flatten these faces so they’ll be standing straight.

My question is how to flatten the faces in the loop selection of that UV sphere to make it look like all the faces are straight and facing in XY Direction.??

You said you selected the face loop and extruded. You should select the edge loop only (in edge or vert mode, not face mode), Depeneding on what you want you might want to duplicate the loop so it is overlapping but not connected to the uv sphere.

and then you would extrude on the z axis ( E Z number and enter)

okay got it, but is that the only way to get it done? I mean, if I select only one face which is facing towards x-axis, and press s and then x to lock in x-axis and press 0 to zero out, the face becomes super straight. but how to do the same to all the faces in a loop?

example like this in a cube,

It’s a good question. I’m not aware of any way to force all face normals (in one fell swoop) to be aligned with one of the 3 global axises. But there easily could be.

In the case of the offset circles, this is more complex, you would actually be aligning the shared edge(s) (the ones that run up and down) orthogonally to the vertex normals of the edge rings. It’s completely possible there is a way. Maybe with snapping?
However if you want your extruded edge to be offset on z only you would just select a single edge loop and extrude on the z axis.

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Cool, Thanks. I’ll try adjusting only the single edge loop and match it with the bottom one. i don’t know how snapping would come into play. but anyways thanks, hope there’s a way to do this. I also found that in cinema 4d we can actually straighten all normals to face XY axis without any rotation, hoping blender would introduce such feature to make things a little simpler.

I would do it the same way Photox suggested.
In terms of snapping, it would also work in this particular situation, because of the symmetry, scaling the upper ring in the x-y plane, like this

Also, the highly recommendable looptools addon has a “flatten” feature with different options for axis and modes of flattenning but I’m not sure it can serve your purpose.

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Ok @KabeeshS It can be done for any two edge loops that are extruded, even if they aren’t the same shape.

  1. Change to edge mode
  2. select a single edge (running up and down mostly)
  3. Select menu , choose ‘Select similar’ and then choose ‘Length’
  4. Change Pivot point to ‘Indivual origins’
  5. HIt S X 0 enter
  6. HIt S Y 0 enter
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If I understand what you are asking: if you want to extrude directly downward in the first place, so that all the faces are perpendicular to the ground, extrude, cancel with right click, then G → Z → (distance).

If you have to make things perpendicular after the fact, then you can align orthographic camera to the face… in this case with CTRL → NUMPAD7 but for any arbitrary face with SHIFT NUM7, set your snapping to “vertex” and turn on affect “scale” (at the bottom of snapping menu), then scale the face or loop and it will snap to the other loop when it’s close.

I hope I understood the question
(edit: looks like this was already answered. Oops)

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wow, this is amazing…Thank you so much. This is what I was really hoping for… It works like a charm, and yeah snapping works too… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME OUT. :heart:

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