How to flip the color of brush-texture?

Hello. Thank you for reading my post.

Now I want to draw scratches on my UV image whose background is black. I set a brush-texture downloaded from the internet. However when I try to draw scratches, the scratches become black and the surrounding become white.

How can I draw white scratches on the black image?

Invert your scratches texture in an image editing program. (gimp, krita, photoshop) Then load it up in blender and use it in the texture mask slot instead.

Thank you for answering!

I could make it in the way you taught me. Seems 3DCG creation requires 2D image editing skills. This time I just typed ctrl+I though.


There are ways to invert the image in blender itself, could use node setup… I just find it quicker to invert in 2d editing program :stuck_out_tongue: