(how to?) Floating dust particles in shed/barn

Hey guys,

Working on a fairly simple scene, but i want to add a little bit of dust hanging around in the air to not make the shed/basement/barn (haven’t decided) look so purified, lol.

It’s hard to say, something like this: http://www.iantonio.com/i.antonio%20film%20+%20video/3d_files/Cathedral.png

Just a little haze to the scene. There was another recently featured cathedral render I believe on cgsociety that matched perfectly what I’m after from what I remember. Can’t seem to find it, though.

Anyway, yeah, realistic, very fine, hazy particles.

Also, how can i set it up so the particles don’t emit, but remain in a static position so I must only render one frame? I’m finding a lack of detailed particle tutorials on these specifics.

Thanks a lot,

The haze is easy enough via spotlamps set to halo, shadow buffers enabled but the setup is a fair site trickier because you need to understand how to properly configure a multiple render layer and scene set-up because those shadow buffers won’t penetrate your windows.With that in mind you still won’t get colored streaks because again, shadow buffers aren’t capable of casting through the windows. You can fake it in the compositor (if you only want a still image) with loads more slicing and dicing but all this begins to become fairly complex and is totally unsatisfactory for animations anyway. I don’t use YafAraY but I believe it’s a fairly straight forward process in that render engine involving just a couple of button clicks and light placements.

although that looks very much like a volumetric light, there’s a test volumetrics build by fasthary somewhere on this forum!

Thanks for the replies, guys.

(Tips greatly appreciated)

I’m less interested in volumetric lighting, and more interested in just very realistic dust particles. I will try the halo effect to see how that works, but I still want very focused particles visible.

Plus I’m not really sure if i want a window in the scene or not.

Yeah it’s just a single render; and I’m using blender internal for multiple reasons. I could try doing it in post or whatnot somehow - GIMP.