How to follow an object?


how can be managed, that an object follows another object?
An example would be a hand grabbing some object. From the keyframe
of the grabbing-event on, the object should follow the hand.
I tried a little bit with constraints, but the result wasn’t
very, … uh…, satisfacting :-? .
Thanks in advance,


Create an empty where you want the object to be when it is ‘grabbed’, add Copy Loc/Copy Rot constraints to the objects that is to follow and put the Empty as the target, and animate both constraints to have 0 influence at the beginning, and to start their full influence (1) at the desired keyframe.

Oh, and make the moving “grabber” object parent of the empty :slight_smile:

Very much thanks, thats it. I searched a little bit until i found out to add an
influence ipo with ctrl-mouse, but now everthing works well.