How to follow this tutorial?

I want to make a Particle system.

But This tutorial was miss.

Tutorial URL :

How to follow this tutorial at part of Particle system?

Please give to Sample file.

My email is [email protected]

Thank you.

A good idea would have been:

  • To attach your file from that tutorial as far as you have been able to follow through.
  • To tell us exactly at what time stamp the particle part of that video begins.
  • To precisely list what your problems are: What does not work as expected?

A not-so-good idea is:

  • To think that others will do your job by following that tutorial for you. Sorry.

Come on, I have invested more time and effort into answering your question already than you into asking it.

A terrible idea is:

  • To post your email address in clear text on a public forum.

Thank you.

This problem was resolved.

I think more has been resolved.