How to follow track SLOWLY?

Hi all,

I tried making a racetrack, by using a bezier curve and a bezier circle. (So it’s a closed track. There won’t be any top or bottom)
I copied the bezier curve, so I had 2.
1 Became the track, the other the path. (For the camera)
I ctrl-p’ed the camera to the path (“follow path”), and now the camera followes the complete path in 100 frames. How do I make him slower, so he takes about 400 frames? Because now it is really fast, it jumps from one place to the other.
Some people have told me about Time Ipo’s , but I didn’t understand exactly how to do so.

The file, if anyone would like to take a look:
Thanks in advance!


First off,
Select the Curve. (in the 3d window)
In the IPO curve editor select “Path”

Now you have to create a curve. The numbers on the left represent, the cycle. From 0.0 to 1.0. (start to finish) The default is set to have that cycle completed in 100 frames.

If you want to change that, you have to create an IPO curve.

  • Ctrl+LMB on the IPO curve editor to create points. You can make one at (0, 0.0) and one at (200, 0.0).

Once you eyeball the points where you want them:
Click on curve (in IPO curve editor)
Click TAB (This will make each point editable)
Click on the Point and click N for transformation window. (now you can edit the x,y with the exact values)

you can make things linear by clicking T, and selecting “Linear”.
you can make the animation(following curve) repeat by making more points going from 0.0 to 1.0

Well, just one thing to say:

Thank you very much!



Alternatively, select the curve, press F9 and change the value of PathLen to 400.

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