How to format

How do you format 2.49 .blend files to 2.5 .blend files. If there is a way. Any help is appreciated.

Open the 2.49 blend file in 2.5 and then fix what doesn’t work.

I try…alot of stuff i have downloaded and have use 2.49 scripts and stuff. Is there a faster way to do it. If not i will do that.
Still though, They should make the .blend files more compatible.

Who do you think is “They” ;)?

The blend files are backward compatible. As already mentioned you can simply open a 2.49 blend file in 2.5 save it and you are done.

Python files are just content of the blend file not part of it. It is up to you to upgrade them. It is the same thing everyone has to do when switching from Python 2.x to 3.x. The sources are not 100% compatible.

The BGE API changes are already mentioned in 2.49. Look for the deprecation warnings when running your game in 2.49. The warnings tell what to do to upgrade the code. Which is a good idea for 2.49 anyway.
But there is no fast way. But you can ask for help.


“They” as in not me. lol. Thanks all of you.