How to freeze a single frame of Cloth simulation (convert to/save as mesh)?

How do you convert one frame of a cloth simulation to mesh?

I tried ALT C, but nothing happens. I also tried Object\Convert To and clicked Mesh, but in that case the dialogue just remains open, and, again, nothing happens.

I would like to import one frame only into another project, as I assume the object will require significantly more processing resources if I import it with Shape Keys and all, isn’t that correct?

In the modifiers panel, apply the cloth modifier on the frame you want to create the mesh

Thank you, Richard - I did apply the modifier as Shape Key.

But I can still ‘scroll’ through the various states of the simulation under Object Data, using the Value slider. I assumed that I could somehow get rid of that and just end up with a single frame?

find the frame with the look you like, Then apply the cloth modifier. as already instructed. though now you applied it as a shape key you need to find the right frame by adjusting the slider, then under the shape keys, first delete the basis key, then delete the cloth key. now your cloth will be fixed in the position of the last position of the slide that you had before it was deleted

Absolutely super - thank you very much, Small Troll!