How to frezze texture-space for rigging/bonedeformation

hello i need help,

i have geometry rigged and this has a procedural

when i rotate the bones this fractal floats
so far all good and understandable,
how do i get this material to go with the bonedeformation,
is there a magic button or do I have to bake it or buy an addon :smile:?


So …
The issue is in texture coordinates and the difference between them.

You’re probably using object coordinates rather than generated coordinates.
But while changing them, you’ll notice that the texture is then mapped quite differently.

If you don’t use any generated coordinate in you shader, then the simplest solution to fix that is to uncheck auto texture coordinates and makes sure the scale is 1,1,1

It’s best if your object got their scale applied too …

So to sum up, use generated instead of object coord, and disable auto texture space.

You’ll probably need to adjust your materials a bit then , but it will work as expected while deforming.


so, sorry for the delayed reply
i have tested it first on a not so complex geometry,
but looks good

thanks a lot