How to generate pure black+white drawings from 3D models?

What is the best way to generate pure black+white contour drawings from 3D models? As technical drawings from different views? (not greyscale, just reall b+w). I need to create technical drawings from 3D objects.

I would use a color ramp set to “Constant” interpolation. Then you can just slide the bar up and down until it’s at the threshold you want.

Using Freestyle. Do you know of it in blender?

& both combined :wink:

model: Tyrannosaurus Sculpture from davidjames (Blend Swap)

enjoy exploring :slight_smile:

there are whole threads on different styles around
ie.Thread: How to make a Halftone effect

DO you mind if i ask what theme you are using? it looks really nice :slight_smile:

it’s custom made - have submitted to pasteall

you are amazing :slight_smile: thank you very much!

@burnin: would You please be so kind and reshape the node Editor window in post #4 so I could see the connections between the nodes more clearly?