How to generate secondary "splash" particles with raindrops hit a character.

Maybe a blender particle wizard on here can help me out: I want to have the raindrop particles here “splash off” the character, with a secondary particle system generated on collision with the particle mesh. I’ve looked at the Child particles options, but that just seems to generate more of the ‘raindrops’ than what I’m looking for…

I may be wrong, but I don’t think you can have particle creating particles in Blender.

I think you can do something with dynamic paint, using the raindrop particles as a brush to control a second particle system’s emission on the character.

k horseman, I was going to suggest the same thing, but when I think about it, it seems problematic. the main issue i see, is that the spots generated by dynamic paint would have to quickly fade somehow, or they would just keep emitting particles. you could do a workaround using post pro though.

I haven’t tested yet but I think you could use a wet map. You can then control how quickly the dynamic paint influence fades after impact.

oh, I didn’t know about that feature. cool.