How To Get 3D Motion Trackers Back After Re-Opening a Closed File

Hi All,

Lately I’ve been experimenting with Camera Solving, which has been going very well.

Tonight, I opened up a camera solved file that I had worked on earlier in the week and all the 3D Motion Trackers were gone. I wanted to see them to make further adjustments to my object placement within the scene.

The only way I could find to get them back was to select “3D Markers to Mesh.” This got them back but they were in a completely different place than the initial solve–way off actually. They were otherwise in proper relation to each other. I tried to orient them back to where I knew they should be, but it became evident that they were also rotated to the original scene.

After fighting for awhile, I was able to get them close, but I’m thinking there’s an easier way to get them back?

It is normal for them to disappear once I close the file?

Any help/pointers/advice greatly appreciated.

Thank you,