How to get 50$ without working?

Any ideas.?. - all ideas are welcome

Define “work”.

Asking some for money takes work.
Stealing money takes work.
Getting paid for a job takes work.

So the answer to your question: you can’t.

I ment sitting home behind the computer…

credit card fraud?

you get NO money without working sorry.

even filling out the forms for government pay-outs takes work


Well I suppose stealing it e.g. mugging, robbing a bank etc is a crime and therefore not actually classed as work, so crime does pay in the same way work pays.

Sit on a busy street and hold an empty cup while you sleep.

Of course, you probably won’t make $50 that way… getting that type of money would require some sort of work like doing an Irish jig or training squirrels to do illegal things.

Sorry, but I just don’t think the whole lazy thing is going to work for ya. If you figure something out, though, let us know.

Work like me on the hospital at the bloodbank section.
16:30 start working
18:00 finished
18:00 > 23:00 watching tv, internet
23:00 > 00:30 help the drivers to unload there cars
00:30 > 7:30 sleep wel :stuck_out_tongue:
7:30 > 8:00 let people in the bloodbank
8:00 finished

between 16:30 and 8:00 you can get emergensies to transport blood packages to the hospital, but this is rare (3 times a evening, 2 times max a night) Or even nothing.

This job gives you 720 euro (800 USA dollar or more) a month, for just 4 days working … euh watching tv and sleeping :slight_smile: Yep next dayyou’ll be a little sleepy, but who doesn’t want to get sleeping rich? :smiley:

Sell your ass on the street.

If you want to do it from your computer, buy a webcam and start selling yourself on the internet.

Actually you could make over $100 a day working the street asking for handouts, if you are good and look like crap.

Good Luck!

you need to purchase half-life 2 right?

Thats easy!

Simply send me $10 and ill send you the step-by-step instructions for how to get $60.


You could also try the Nigerian method.

Or you could scambait the nigerians

You could always steal people’s stereos and resell them to pawn shops. I hear that works well for some.
Just don’t blame me if you end up in a room with a guy named Jane who has a crush on you.

Beat the crap out of spammers (for valarking’s sake) while getting paid. Because that’s not work, that’s fun!!!


Beat the crap out of spammers (for valarking’s sake) while getting paid. Because that’s not work, that’s fun!!!


Become a politician. Oh, you only want $50. Well, in that case, you could sell one of your livers. It’s not like you need them both.


He’s one of those rare TWO livered persons.

I hear they are fun at drinking parties :wink:

Sperm donation. I believe you can do that from a computer monitor. They might even send someone round to pick it up from you.

I want JD-multi’s job though. How the hell do you get $800 a month for that? 3.5 hours work a day?? Lazy man’s paradise 8).