How to get a better "blood" looking fluid

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This is my first time posting here although I’ve been looking at works created here for quite some time. I was recently asked to make a logo for a Christian Metal band and they wanted the letters to look like metal blades with blood dripping off them… Cool concept and I was able to do a pretty decent job of creating the blades, however I’ve been scratching my head for over a week trying to figure out how to make the blood. I’ve been trying to use the fluid simulator, but so far, the best I’ve been able to achieve is a melted ruby look. I also made a short (1 second) animation at 1080p25 that took a night to render (edited out so I can post…) which I was hoping would have a screen I could pull out and use. However, I’m not that happy with the fluid simulation overall.

My though is that there has to be a better way to achieve the smooth look of dripping blood where it doesn’t look like it’s a melted gemstone. On this I used the smooth modifier and a subsurf at 3x for rendering with the fluid resolution at 400. I couldn’t go higher because of memory limitations. One thought I had was to do each letter separate but that would take 7 hours per letter for the fluid sim.

(well, it looks like you’ll have to go to www . tazmon . com to see the graphics… I can’t seem to post any links to pictures here…)

Thoughts on a better way to do the blood would be helpful,



  • for a better blood drip, i would lower the visciosity ( i cannae remember how its spelt but it begins with “v” so you will know what i mean in the fluid sim).
  • secondly, instead of having the letters come out from a pool of blood, have an inflow behind them on really low.
  • to be able to increase your res try sizing down your domain object, you might even be able to bake different letters separately. :smiley:

Thanks Casio,

  • I’ve messed with the Viscosity a little bit and for this image now am using the “Oil” preset. I’ve been trying to figure out what number to put in for a liquid with a viscosity between water and oil, that’ would be my best guess for correct number for blood… Any ideas on the correct number to use?

  • I don’t really understand what you mean to put the inflow? Just a separate object that’s not seen by the camera behind the letters? That would be very hard to line up correctly and would also prevent me from being able to make cool animations while moving the camera.

  • About the best way I’ve been able to think of to increase my res would be to only process one or two letters at a time and then compile them, Is it possible to do this in blender? To bake different fluid sims and then combine the final? Or would I need to export the images from this and then use something like Photoshop? I’d really prefer to just be able to do everything in Blender. I tried using many different Domain sizes, and it took me quite a while to find one that wouldn’t crash Blender everytime I tried it. I foudn that If I used a non-cube domain, I could never get it to complete baking the fluid. I’m using 2.56a on a AMD X6 with 8GB of ram.

Is there any way to use multiple CPU’s to Bake things like fluid or particle sims? I haven’t found anything about doing that but I’ve found a lot about using render farms. However with scenes like this, the rendering is the easy part…


I seriously wonder if you could not “fake it,” very effectively, using the proportional modeling tool and some careful “airbrushing” of projection-painted textures. In other words, just lay a fine mesh over the area and cut it to fit. With the proportional editing tool, shape it, pull it and push it so that it produces a good-enough approximation of a flowing surface.

While a fluid-simulation might (given enough hours… which you really don’t have…) produce a “physically correct” blood … is that really what you have to have? I doubt.

“Ingrid, fake it.”
– Alfred Hitchcock’s acting advice to Ingrid Bergman

you could also play with the time scale
to change the speed of flow which might simulate the thickness i guess
it’s called cheating but that’s CG 3D world special effects too!

happy 2.5

Thanks all for the advice.

SunDial, do you know of any good tutorials that would help explain what you’re suggesting as the best method to “fake it”?