How to get a deeper engraving?


I’m creating a 3D model of small game in a plastic box. On the back of the box there’s an engraving and I’m having trouble making it deep enough. At first I tried using a bump map but that didn’t do the trick. It was not deep enough. Then I tried using a displacement map and it worked a little better. The engraving was clearer but the trouble of making it deeper persisted. I watched a tutorial that suggested I go into the material panel and into Settings and changing the “Displacement” setting to “Displacement and Bump” and even though it did make it deeper the mesh lost all its detail and just pretty much destroyed the entire shape of the box.

So I’m pretty much at a loss. I can’t find a right way to do this. Do you have any suggestions?

Here’s what the plastic box and engraving looks like right now:

So to sum it up: How do I make the engraving deeper? Any way to control the depth?

You probably want to look at using a boolean. It wont’ have the cleanest topology in the world, but it will certainly help with your needs.


The reason why “displacement and bump” destroyed the shape of the box is because displacement just moves vertices around. And since your plane has like 8 or 4 vertex it can only move those 8 vertex. To make it look realistic you would need to subdivide it like 10 times to create noticable details. You could also try out adaptive subdivision which by default create 1 vertex per 1 pixel on your render.

However, as @Magnavis said, theres no need to use any of that since you can create a text object, add depth to it and use it as a boolean


I did try to use the boolean but it ruined the topology and mesh completely. But I started over and BEGAN with the boolean. Then the rest of the topology work went smoothly. It was an old file and the old topology was bad anyway. So thanks a lot for suggesting I try boolean again. :slight_smile: It worked!

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