How to get a glass effect?

Hey all!

I’m trying to get a photo realistic glass texture on a model I made. (A simple vase). Is there a tutorial explaing how? I came pretty close, but it just doesn’t look satisfying. It’s really just a trans texture, so it isn’t good.

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I don’t think Blender’s internal renderer can do photoreal glass. I think all of the photoreal stuff I’ve seen comes from yafray. There are a couple of threads going on doing transparent materials with yafray.

I do have Yafray, if you could point me in the direction of those threads please?

Try searching (button on top bar) for:
YafRAY AND transparency
YafRAY AND glass

Blender internal renderer can do quite nice glass now that it has a raytracer… but YafRay still gives better results :wink:


Ok, here’s a .blend showing how to do glass in Blender (internal renderer).

Here’s what it looks like:

Happy blending!

Many tutorials on glass discuss environment mapping, which is where you create the illusion that the surroundings of the object are reflected in the glass. As you can readily see, “glass” has everything to do with good specular reflections. If you see a translucent object that gives realistic reflections, you’re probably going to see it as “glass.”

Mr Rob u rock thanks for the link