How to get a good asphalt texture in a large view?


I’m preparing a large view city in Blender, and i would ask you if it usefull to put a noise texture in the material that i used, because i can’t get the right size for the grain of the asphalt, or maybe the way i work is wrong!

As the point of view i use is very large, can i only use a material with right color & aspect?

Thanks a lot!

Can you give us a render? Basically the amount of detail is a question of perspective:
If it is for a still render or even an animation you have full control over how closeup your shots will be of your asphalt. If there is no closeup shot I would tend to keep the material simple. On the other hand if you model for reuse, you have no control when and where your model will be uses, so it should be prepared appropriately.