How to get aasy Hair with Softbody?

At first, im german and i cant speak english very good. Im working a few weeks with blender, and i have make my first character.
Probably i have (i think so) not a good computer. If i make hair(with particle system) and make it to softbody my computer crash. Also I want only make hair like InGame Graphic from Play Station 2 Games. I have now finished to modeling some hair with easy meshes. But i only want that it moves a little bit, when the character move. I take softbody, but it animated to much. I hope someone can understand what i mean. I don`t want realistic hair movement in the Wind or something, only a little bit from left to right, without deform the hair mesh. Please can somebody help me?

have you tryed using shape keys?

No, but i don`t know how to use it. I thought it is only for animation like closing eyes or something. How can i move the hair mesh with it?

You can “tame” softbodies by moving GMIN and GMAX closer together.

GMIN: 0.4

No, it doens`t go. The Hair mesh fall down. I have make parent to the Body, but also.
Every time i make the GMAX under 1000, it falls down. And if i make GMIN 1000 nothing happen, and under 1000 the hair “fly” around.

But its ok, thank you very much. Im now working with Shapekeys. I think its the best way.