How to get an overview: All these hidden Shortcuts!

Hello everyone,

I worked a bit with blender 2.49 and now I really want to learn blender 2.5x from the ground up. But my problem is that I am confused by all these shortcuts. I usually browse through menus to find what I am looking for and then maybe learn a shortcut to become faster.

But in Blender i feel like being forced to know that there is e.g. a knife tool. I cannot find it in any menu!

Please help me: so is there…
…a menu I don’t know that bears all the commands that i can’t find yet?
…or at least an aggregated overview over all these commands that you better know like the knife tool or the loopcut and slide function (ctrl + r).

Probably there are many more functions that match my problem that i cannot find them.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

space bar - search

Hi Xiphias01

I know exactly what you mean, unless you know the name of or general idea of what you want it can be difficult to find the right button/shorcut key.

You may find the following link helpful, especially the bit about exporting a keymap, which lists most if not all of the keys/functions.

Configuring and exporting 2.5 interface

Gee, pappy, you’re a load of help. NOT!

Xiphias01, this might help.

^^^No need to be rude. If you hit spacebar you can find your command, plus the hotkey.

Thank you for your answers! All your answers (even the Space Bar ;-)) tell me that i can find all commands but always as a list. If there is no “structured list” like e.g. in Cinema4D where you can (i think so?) find everything in one Menu, then i probably will just have to learn it :S

I was not being rude, just facetious :wink: I’m tricky like that