How to get back Input Windows?

Hi everyone!

I am sending you a capture of me activating an addons (I don’t think wich addons is important) that comes with an Input Windows (bottom left). When this windows dissapeared, how can I bring it back?

Hope I was clear with my poor english,

Thank in advance!

Used to be F6 but I think it moved to F9

Yeah in 2.8 it’s F9 by default, just note that mentioned panel (used to be called Adjust Last Operation panel) is providing options only for the last operation (any, those covered with addons as well). Once you executed another operator options of the previous one are overwritten with the ones of new operator (even if it doesn’t have any). There are some exceptions from the rule like addons which have their own way of providing facilities to edit (like Archipack addon and its ways to edit added objects)