how to get blender and final cut talking

i have tryed just chroma keying but i find this looks a bit patchy any idias on how i can get these too outstanding apps to talk ? all help much appreciated

You’ve tried chroma keying what? Chroma keying a blender animation in final cut? Final Cut is a NLE. I’m sure it has some basic compositing functions but is primarily a tool for editing, managing multiple scenes and large amounts of footage, mixing sound etc. It’s certainly not a tool for recombining render passes from a 3d app. Shake is Apple’s compositing package.

Use blender’s own compositor for mixing live action and 3d if that’s your goal, then render out via some lossless intermediate (like a .png sequence). I see no need for a 3d package to have an intimate relation with an NLE.

thing is for my workflows useing final cuts compositing (wich are by far more intuitive than blenders for the type of work im doing) works verry well so for me right now the relatioonship needs to be intamate, anyone know how to get them in bed together ?

What specifically are you trying to do?

If you are trying to chroma key an animation to put it infront of a live action background, I don’t understand why you would chroma key it insetad of using a PNG sequence with premultiply or key on when you render it. (in case you’re not sure what this is, see attached screenshot,)

If you are trying to chroma key live action onto a blender background, then it’s just a matter of playing with the chroma key settings. Make sure you use FCP’s 8-point garbage matte and use multiple chroma keys instead of just one.

Shake, After Effects, Nuke, Fusion, Combusion and Motion would all be mcuh better suited to either task, but if FCP is all you’ve got, it’s workable.


thanks asano just the info i needed