How to get blender CVS thats not zipped?

I need to get the Blender with the AO, but im on windows, and theres no way to unzip files. is there a way to be able to unzip them? or does anybody have the folder without the zip compression?

No way to unzip them?!

Try winRar:


well, its not my computer… its at school, and i cant install anything

if it running xp you don’t need to

if it has java (the sdk) installed you don’t need to

if it is configured the same as most machines I know of you can install programs to the user’s directory or to c:\ (where c:\program files\ is locked)

lemme put it another way

prior to xp (well, consider 2k the same as xp here) can’t be secured well enough that what you say is true

xp isn’t usually secured well enough that what you say would be true, and xp can extract zip files on its own (2k can’t tho)

GET YOURSELF A FLASH DRIVE (you know, one of those usb thingys, come in 32 64 128 [good size] 256, 512…)

thanx, got it!