How to get character to hold broom?

I have a hazmat character and I would like to give him a broom. He is all rigged but I can’t get him to hold the broom right. Maybe its the way I made him or something and his arms cant go very far across his body or it would go through the mesh. Any ideas on how to work around this? Or am I going to need to remodel him with longer arms?

I know how to get him to hold the broom but cant get him to get it to hold it without some weird deform.

Heres 2 pictures and the blend file of the character. Maybe my rigging is messed up but who knows…


hazemat.blend (407 KB)

I generally use a ‘child of’ constraint for something like this. It takes a bit of fiddling to get it work right, but once you learn your way around it and it’s limitations, it works fine. I added a broom and a short animation to your file, it’s attached.

One strange thing I noticed about your file, the object layers are acting funny. Your armature is on layer 11, yet there is no dot on that layer to indicate there is anything there. I created the broom on layer 12, yet no dot there either. Dunno what’s up with that.



hazemat_broom.blend (405 KB)

Thanks! I think the disappearing object layer dots is on your side. I just opened up your blend file and they were there.