How to get Cycles?


I am fairly new to blender and it has come to my understanding that the render engine Cycles is alot better than the built in one. Do i need cycles? Problably not yet since I still havn’t learnt to use blender enough, but if i keep going with blender, i might need it, so i figured why not add cycles in the learning process.

But anyways, I’ve been searching the net for a couple of hours on how to get it (I know that i should download it from but then what? All i get is a zip file with a bunch of crap in it.
I’ve managed to find an .exe file wich is blender with cycles i assume. But is that the Blender you need to use? Because if I extract the new one it won’t start.

So this has been very frustrating since everyone keep saying “just download it” But how do you install it? I want to remember that it’s and addon(?), can’t seem to find any instruction on it either…

So can a kind soul please explain to me how this is done? Going mad over here (oh and yea, you might have already guessed it, but computors is not my strongest side)


Ps, i have windows 7 64 bit and blender 2.59 if that matters

Better stay out from experimental branches if you do not understand what “a bunch of crap” in zip file and cannot help with developing or testing. Really, use official stable Blender releases from site. Cycles will be merged in next release, 2.61.

Hi Shatarpi. If you want to try out cycles (which i think is a great idea), go to , do a search for cycles and grab the latest. Download the zip file, and unzip. These builds need no installation, just navigate to blender.exe

Hi and thank you for your reply!

I did as u said, got the latest and unzipped it and got like a new blender. Witch cycles ofcourse, but now i scratch my head thinking “is this the only blender i should use?” or should i somehow merge them together?

For example, lets say I want to model about anything and render it in cycles, should i open the cycles version and model it all there etc? Because when i look at tutorials they seem to have merged the two versions into one.

Thanks again

Hi Shatarpi. The version you downloaded from is a complete setup of Blender + Cycles. You don’t need to merge it with any other version of blender that you might have on your computer. Just run the blender.exe file from within the unzipped folder and you are good to go. You can do all your modelling, texturing, rendering from within this version of blender.

Shatarpi: bear in mind though, that cycles is still considered “unstable” so you may want to use BI (Blender Internal) render engine for any real projects.
also, you definitely should learn cycles (i have yet to get my hands dirty with it) but i dont think it is meant as a complete replacement for BI…BI has its strengths too, so try learning it as well!
oh, and to you and kcrackerg…welcome to blenderartists! :wink:

kcrackerg: Yes! Thank you very much kind sir! Now I will start the experimenting :slight_smile:

wysiwyg: Indeed, keep hearing that it’s a little unstable, so guess I will do a little bit of both cycles and BI, and Thanks!