How to get Detail in Fire using Smoke fire simulater.

In this they used Billboards and Particles. I want to get the same detail but with the Smoke and Fire simulater using particles to drive the smoke. Has any one gotten good detail using the normal smoke fire simulator. If so how?

a couple tricks:

  1. obviously cranking the domain resolution and the high-res iterations increases detail
  2. “vorticity” adds more “texture” to the smoke or fire
  3. the high resolution “strength” parameter also adds fine details to the smoke or fire
  4. an often overlooked setting, under the smoke flames pulldown, there is a “reaction speed” variable, setting this very low (less than 0.1) really helps in creating the appearance of larger fires
  5. rather than particles, set the emitter to use the mesh itself, and then create a clouds texture to break up the emission rate across the surface. you can even animate the offset to add even more variation.
  6. finally, when creating the fire material, a helpful trick to make it look more “fire-like” is to modify the ramp values on the blend texture so they go to transparent at both ends of the ramp, leaving only a band of white/orange colour in the middle.

here’s an example frame of results i’ve achieved:

@shteeve Thanks that looks sweet. I am definitely needing to try that. Thanks again both of you.

Shteeve and FurtureHack I got it so it has detail. Now its simply deciding how I want it to look. Its a dragon spewing fire. I have made it look different a few times and still don’t find myself satisfied FutureHack as is seen in the link you helped me with, fire can look so different. Shteeve I would be interested to see how you set up your settings that you have in your picture. Right now I am just having a problem with the artistic aspect. What do others do when they keep changing there mind on the artistic aspect of how to make something look?