How to get even thickness Edge bevel

How to get even thickness in edge bevel I tried all the settings,none of them worked

It’s geometrically impossible with that topology.

Well yes and no. Its not impossible, but there is no automatic option for that in the bevel tool. There are methods to solve this, but none of that is funny to do manually on a curved surface.

Anyhow here’s an example:


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Technically you can also do this with your current resulting topology. The correct point is just harder to gauge and on a curved surface its a hassle.


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If you turn off “Loop Slide” option it gets little bit better:

It’s not perfect but might be good enough to avoid time-consuming manual fixing on small bevels.


Not sure what you mean by not perfect,but as long as its not colliding with surrounding geometry its just correct. Without deformations to the outer edges it cant be solved!


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Thanks to everyone.