How to get FBX export with tangent space information?

I’m trying to get an FBX file with tangent space information in it (Vertex tangents and bitangents). FBX is the format supported by the tool I’m using (Uno, a beta development tool). I’m not having any luck: my exported files lack any tangent information.

I’m new to modeling and blender. The FBX reference for blender says it exports tangents I assume I’m just doing something wrong. I’m looking to fulfill just a basic use-case now:

  • Create a basic model (or rather, import one)
  • Create the UV mapping (this I can do)
  • ? generate tangent space ? (am I missing something here?)
  • Export to FBX
  • Import into target platform and apply texture

I’m not looking to create textures in blender now. I just want basic objects exported to which I can apply other textures. I have normal maps for these textures and the pipeline has tangent space calculations.

How do I get the tangent information in the exported FBX file?