How to get Glass in Blender Game Engine?!?!?!?!?

Help i need Glass in My game, But is not Realstic at all Please Make a vid or huge little thing on how to make Glass THAT IS REALSTIC! It looks like a plane but with the apha turned down, it i want help please just tell me how to make glass!

What you mean wih realistic?

Ok, edit your post first:

Hi everybody, i am in need of Glass in the BGE.
My current glass behaves like… it looks like…
However, i need this…

Watch capital letters. people won’t help, especially if you have terrible punctuation.
In reply to your question, do you mean aesthetically or as in “exploding” glass upon collision?
exploding could be made up of many “fragments” all parented to empty, upon collision remove empty, record physics to ipo?

Just glass like i am walking down the road and a store is there i want glass for the windows, but the glass is great like it gets my refection in the glass, but if i hit it it does not break!

ok, i will try and make a demo.

can you upload glass?

What do you mean? a pic of the glass i have Or a real pic of glass?

For reflective glass you can have a semi-transparent alpha plane with a mirror videotexture. It can even be shiny and have normal maps in glsl mode. Distortion on curved glass is very difficult without hand-coded and very complex glsl shaders though (maybe some interesting node setup could do this too?).

Videotexture tutorials are near the bottom of the following page:


Although a problem may be frustrating, people are more likely to help you with your problems if you don’t take your frustration out on them. I find explaining my problems in a calm and complete way with examples of what I’m trying to achieve and what I’ve already tried is best.

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Thanks, But still did not work?

Glass like this:

Here’s a demo of glass which shatters upon contact with an object with a property of “weapon”, it uses a message sensor, but you’re better using python.
for realistic glass, use knife cut to “shatter” glass, then add pieces together, and either animate using ipo of shatter manually, or record game physics to demo.blend (622 KB)

Well thats cool but not what i wanted…

i made a glass effect for you, but i cant post the link it gives me an error :confused:
so i’ll send you a pm with the link!

do you mean like refraction? not possible in BGE but you can fake reflection/specularity of glass by adding a refection map this .blend will give you an idea of the materials and textures you should use to create shiny/reflective object

glass cup made in 2.5 glsl

Lucas - If you would take 3 minutes to compose your thoughts, then write in complete sentences, you may find that you’ll get what you are looking for.

For any material you want to create in Blender, you must study its properties. Glass, for example, is hard, brittle, reflective, & often (but not always) clear. You could go into a lot more detail, but that would get you started. Next you’ve got to ask yourself how you’d go about recreating those properties. If you got stuck, you’d then upload your progress blend, and ask for help with a specific property.

My belief is that you want your glass to be reflective. That’s been answered twice in this thread. Video textures are awesome, but costly in terms of the GE. I had a mirror in my game, but removed it. The other method is to use fake reflections, as in Adobeman’s example. This is usually enough to convey the idea of reflections without the expense of real time reflections. It’s what I use. For swords and shiny metal, I simply create a high contrast cloud map in Photoshop.

There is a third method, which is sort of a fake real time reflections. After you’ve got all of your game elements in place, take a wide angle photo from the perspective of your window, and use that as your reflection map. It will show what’s across the street, but not moving objects.

So, slow down, and think things through before you post. It’s easier on everyone.

Here’s a quick sample. Not perfect, but you’ll get the idea. I am not sure why the file is so large. There is only (1) 1.4 kb texture. New to 2.5, maybe I’m saving something else with it. Wiggle the mouse around a bit - the reflections are not perfect - you can see that. The size of the reflection doesn’t change. It’s enough to get the point across.


Fake_Reflect.blend (682 KB)