How to Get GLSL Shaders to work together?

Hello, I am making a game and when I add realtime SSAO, and then add bloom, the SSAO is cancelled. Like it doesn’t work anymore. Same with light scattering. It works but when i add DOF, the light scattering doesn’t work anymore. how do I make them work together?

You are setting proper values for the pass number right (so you might have SSAO in pass 1 and Bloom in pass 2 for instance)? I believe that’s required if you want to use more than one filter.

Are you putting the different shaders on different passes? There’s a shader pass number on the 2D filter actuator logic brick.

EDIT: Ninja’d by Ace, haha.

OHHHHHH I thought “Pass” meant something along the lines of how many samples. That would explain it. Thanks!