How to get ideas?

Not sure if this is the right section of the forum to put this in.

How do you get your ideas ? … Most of the practice I’ve been doing is copying from movies or anything similar, however when it comes to being original how do you go about creating something new. Also for me I really struggle due to mental health issues so I’m very lacking in creativity without having some method involved.


i like listening to “epic music” or trailer music, or soundtracks or any other instrumental stuff. its very inspiring.

audiomachine, two steps from hell, jo blankenburg, gothic storm and even a bit of antti martikainen if thats your thing. classical music is nice, but i prefer something with a bit more punch.

no joke, my entire series is based off of a concept i came up with when listening to “Illumination” by jennifer thomas.

i pin stuff.

also looking at art reminds me i can do something myself.

there is much in the world to inspire. I used to model my desk and stuff on it to practice basic modelling. Also its easy to study since you can look at it.

Inspiration is the willingness to imitate, in your own way. In other words, take stuff you like and make yours with it. Anyone telling you any different is either a schmuck or a liar.

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Well their is nothing wrong with getting your ideas from existing media. And their is nothing wrong with doing fan-art either, a lot of artists start out that way.

Music is definitely a great way to get inspired, because their is no picture, your mind can go crazy with different visuals that are unique to you because everyone experiences that song differently.

But I think you should really try and narrow down on the things you like and want to create. Clarity on what you want to do is key. Do you like sci-fi? Make sci-fi themed stuff. Do you like comedy? Make funny stories. Point is, focus on the things you like.

Creativity is a skill, and you will get better at coming up with ideas as you practice it. But if you keep at it, you will get better. :slightly_smiling_face:


walking, riding public transportation, dreaming, reading speculative fiction.

When I was recovering from an operation I got some strong pain killers. The original ideas I had was amazing… to me at least. Drugs really help in that regard.

I am curious what you mean by having some method. Do you mean a process, a workflow. This has been a struggle for me too. I think it happens when you watch videos sometimes to see how someone did something and think that you can do it too. It has to be something that you want to do or admire I think. Also I think a great deal of people find very unique inspiration because they keep looking. Again though I think the traditional way is to learn by watching, and take your riff on it.

Thanks for the sugestions. I have a lot of trouble imagining things can’t keep them in my mind.

A process similar to picking a theme then picking some parts of pictures that I like and putting tham together a bit like a collage to make a final idea.

Don’t have much else to say but it sounds like you are talking about “blocking”.

I am a newbie, though you may find my way useful too. So, I love watching nature, just some branches, colours from the sky or somewhat of that kind. And then I start imagining shapes. A tree all of a sudden turns into an elven stronghold with the wings, moss on the stone looks like another planet or a space ship, often ideas come from the dreams…

Also we are all standing on the giants’ shoulders, so there’s nothing wrong if you get inspired by Pixar or Botticelli. Nobody has invented somewhat completely new, everyone’s been observing.

But if you find out all of a sudden that nothing inspires you, here comes medicine, which is my major field. You may have gotten tired, ill, depressed etc. There’s nothing bad about that. In fact, such a minor thing as avitaminosis may lead to severe consequences. What I would advice: discuss that with your GP (or whichever that practitioner is called in your country), check the general blood biochemistry - your GP may advice you which tests to pass and show those to your doc, enjoy only positive things, like comedies, Scooby Doo or Sponge Bob - whatever you love, forget about Romeo and Juliet, you are facing your own dark time, it would be way too expensive for you to care about someone else’s tragedies, especially imagined ones. Don’t forget to take your prescriptions. Surround yourself with nature and colourful things. And finally don’t force yourself, you need some rest, actually they say the best ideas come in the dreams, i.e. when you rest.

P.S.: don’t take neither painkillers nor anything not-prescribed, that may cause brain damage. Strictly follow your doc’s advice.

I think it’s due to a medication prescribed by the Dr. anywho.

Another trouble is if I do have some inspiration it can flood my mind then when I try to pin down any ideas I have it just fades away quickly and completely lose the idea I had in the first place.

I hope you’re not recommending others try the same process :thinking:

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I don’t recommend drugs, however, once you had some you’ll understand why it’s great. Again. Don’t recommend it.

I used to be very creative smoking Weed but could never be practicle and put ink to paper so to speak. I definitly advise against relying on legal & non-legal drugs.

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im not a pro and im still starting with cgi but im sure that one way to start is to look at other artists work and get inspired. i also try to model my surrounding objects… all other comments in this thread are very useful too. i read most of them and got confident about what i do or try to do

I use the alpha mode (between awake and sleep) of the brain and talk ideas on a spystick during the time.

There is no word such as ’ amature '. There is however another word ‘amateur’. It means a person who engages in some pursuit such as sport, dramatics, singing etc. merely for pleasure or satisfaction and not for monetary gain as a profession

Competitions can give you guidance and direction