How to get in car?

How do i make it so i can move from a First Person POV to getting in the vehicle? I’m trying to get the MouseLook and Vehicle Wrapper to work together, so that when I get close to the car, and press a key, it removes the FP POV and places my viewpoint, and keyboard controls, to the car?
This is all I need to get my “sandbox” open for business!
(Help! I need Links, and knowledge!)

vehiclewrapper and mouselook page:

That was discussed a lot last year and earlier. If you do a search for car you should find some threads dealing with that.

Your idea is fine.

  • switch off the controls of the current “set”,
  • switch the camera to the vehicle camera,
  • switch on the controls of the vehicle.

If you need a hint: states can help you a lot.

Ok. Thanks. I figure this topic has to come up from time to time…