how to get IPO's of a bone?

I’m trying to export the animation of an armature.

In a Pose.PoseBone object there is a method insertKey() but no getKeys().

In an Armature.Bone object there is no attribute .ipo

I’ve searched in the html documentation, and I’ve tried to explore in python with dir(). I have also tried to read other export scripts and to search on google, but with no success, so some help would be appreciated.

if it’s impossible, please tell me, so that I know that I can stop searching

Which version of blender are you working with?

the blender packaged in my distro is the version 2.49b

I have also downloaded the version 2.5 alpha2, I could use it to export my .blend file too

As soon as you know you bone name, you can iterate the IPOs and check their users property to find which is used by your bone.


well I understand why I was confused, Object.Object have an ipo property, but bones really don’t, so the link is made with the bone name, but well I still don’t catch, when I iter with

from Blender import Ipo
  for ipo in Ipo.Get():

then users is an int and returns me ‘1’ for every ipo (so it is not a bone index or something like that), and there is nothing like a method ipo.get_users_names so that I could know which bone is the user of it.

i’ll loose all my hairs on this :slight_smile: