how to get IPO's of a bone?

I would like to export the animation of a character that has an armature.

I have the IPOs that I got itering Ipo.Get() and I have my bones,
but my problem is that I still can not associate which ipo acts on which bone.

I see the ipo.users attribute but it returns me an int (currently 1 for each ipo), and I do not see any ipo attribute that could return me a string that could be the name of the bone.

So how can I make the association between a bone and its ipo?

thanks in advance

It seems the API info is insufficient to get to this!

I gave an answer to the same question some time ago BUT it wasnt completely correct… In fact, i have a script controlled object(s) but I associate IPOs with certain bone related to bone’s name… so later it is easy to find the correct IPO. I.e. this is not based on investigating un-known .blend to find out which IPO relates to which bone.


Does someone know if the next Blender with its new Python API will correct this issue ?