How to get Laser_Visuals working in Split-Screen (?)

Lasers that are visual like render.drawLine() and DEBUGGING ‘Show Physics Visualization’
don’t Display_Correctly in Split-Screen because Blender still thinks there is only 1 Camera.
How to get them Displayed_Correctly with 2 Cameras or more Split-Screen.

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make real lasers, and not trough render.drawline?

scale plane.blend (521 KB)

Laser works for guns & etc.
However how to get DEBUGGING’s ‘Show Physic Visualization’ working with more then 1 Camera.


@Cotaks [1]
Sorry if I’m nagging but I have a 2nd question.

you mean this as a second question?
I have no clue.

I admit I wasn’t very clear lol. :grin:

No problem. Thx for answering my first question.

I was at that point once. Tried to draw tons of dots (drawline, but very short) on screen but gave up this approach as it wasn’t compatible to split screen/multi view visualization I was using.

1.) Try with a single triangle (!) mesh, scale one side to zero and give wireframe material. Looks exactly like drawline if you make it shadeless.
2.) If you need thickness, use quad.

I guess this is very similar to what @Cotaks suggested. Doesn’t solve your physics debugging problem though…

Enjoy :v:

Hi @AeroLynx
This is another good suggestion for in-game lasers.
However like I asked @Cotaks previously upbove, I’m now looking for a way for :arrow_down:
‘Show Physics Visualization’



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Hi all

Should I make a separate thread for the 2nd question (?)