How to get LookDev Spheres?

Hello Community,

I am finally trying to get into 2.8 (the UI is confusing imho) I saw a feature in a video. There are two shading spheres as an overlay which could be useful for LookDev. But where do I activate them?
Or have the been removed?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: When I open a scene provided by the devs like this one

it works. but how can i get this look when i start a blank screen. those spheres never show up there

No, they are present in Shading layout.

That is just an overlay.
Open Viewport Overlays popover.
Enable Look Dev Preview.

Thank you so much. The Blender 2.8 menu structure has changed a lot

As much as I hate to admit it, yeah, the UI scatter of related settings is absolutely nuts.

Why restructure the Settings menu? I didn’t see a need for that.

New stuff implies new properties to add to UI.
Many properties to manage implies to find new areas to dispatch them.
Overlays popover is grouping most of display properties of 3DView into new popover area invented for 2.8.
Display of LookDev Spheres is per viewport. So, setting is under Overlays popover.
LookDev Spheres Size is a global setting that influences spheres size into all viewports.
So, it is under Preferences.
Logic of granularity is respected, here.

You can discuss about the opportunity to set LookDev Spheres Display per Viewport and not their size as well. But organization of 2.8, objectively, corresponds to a logic.
That is not what is always faster choice, what we are used to… but most of times, it corresponds to what is the most discoverable for a total new user. And justification to change it for something else into defaults becomes weak if python API allows to adopt a faster but less logical grouping via an addon.

What I am missing is the T and N Panel with different tabs like Tools, Create, Animation etc.
It’s all in one place in 2.79 but now its all over the place and dificult to find hidden behind some unnamed icons. In my opinion it’s more confusing now.
But I guess decisions are made here and are final.
For example where can I find the “Shading” options for Verts, Edges and Faces?

I assume it is hidden somewhere but I can’t find it in 2.8.
It’s all there in 2.79 if you need it.

Also here is a redundancy:

That is true. It is something that user have to learn.
That is frustrating to have to relearn what was an automatism. But with a little bit of training that can become an automatism, again.
Seriously, while hovering an icon, tooltip is describing to what, icon is referring to.
Popovers have a label/title describing what they are about.

There is a popover called Viewport Overlays. It is about vertices, edges or faces overlays that are giving info about those mesh elements.
Same term was used in 2.79.
Look at your screencapture. Under Mesh Display panel header, first word used is Overlays.

So, “Shading for verts or edges” was never a thing in 2.79. You made a confusion because of proximity of panels in 2.79. Because 2.79 UI is confusing.
If you want to see Vertex Color, that would be under Viewport Shading popover.
But that is something new. Something that 2.79 did not do.

About redundancy in tool settings display, that is something that will probably be clean-up in 2.81.
Nobody is really satisfied about Topbar or Sidebar for Texture Paint workspace.
Nobody forces user to display some thing several times.
Topbar can be open and sidebar closed and Properties editor used for object or rendering properties.
Topbar can be closed and sidebar open. Topbar and sidebar can be closed and, at that moment, Properties Editor Tab for active tool settings is useful.
Those are different options to display one thing among different layouts.
User have to choose the one pertinent for used layout.

It ends up as is because one option is not ideal for every case. But maybe after 2.80 release, among feedback of first users, someone will share a clever idea.